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Veterinary Wellness Exams for Your Pet


At Best Friends Animal Health Center, keeping your cat or dog in great shape is our highest priority and the routine wellness examination is very important. This exam gives us a chance to get to know your pet both medically and socially.

We encourage you to bring your pet to us for a weight check or nail trim at any time. Foot care may often be neglected and the more we do these trims, the better your pet’s feet will be. Trimming your pet’s nails helps us to build a bridge of trust as well.

Just as no two pets are alike, no two examination programs are alike. The veterinarians at Best Friends Animal Health Center will work with you to set up a regular schedule of visits for wellness exams.

  • Blood work—Once a year starting at age 7 depending on your pets breed.  This will let us know what is normal for your pet. By knowing your pet’s normal, baseline blood values, we can better determine by later tests what problems he or she may have and which of his or her systems is affected.
  • Oral examination—We will examine your pet’s mouth and teeth at every regular appointment, checking for problems that need to be addressed.
  • Exams twice a year—Best Friends Animal Health Center schedules wellness examinations two times a year, no matter what age your pet is. We will fully examine your pet from nose to tail to make sure he or she is healthy. Ear checks will be done to make sure they are in top condition. Our veterinarians will make sure that your pet is well enough to be given any vaccinations that are due at the time of the exam.

Pets age much more rapidly than humans and can develop significant problems within a short time. With these regular examinations, Best Friends Animal Health Center’s veterinarians are able to monitor your pet’s health. We will show you what health problems to look for and we’ll listen carefully to your questions and observations. Our team approach will help your pet to have the best health and the best life possible.