Best Friends AHC

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Pet Wellness


Best Friends Animal Health Center is happy to set up a comprehensive plan of vaccinations, parasite prevention and treatment, and routine veterinary wellness examinations for your cat or dog. Regular exams are the key to good health. They let us get to know you and your pet. We will take copious notes during every exam and give you a copy when you leave so that you can take the information home with you. This gives you and us a record and eliminates guessing and trying to remember our plan.

Our veterinarians regularly take advantage of continuing education opportunities to ensure that their training in the latest techniques of veterinary medicine is up to date. Best Friends Animal Health Center is pleased to be able to combine the most modern medical methods with the time-honored tradition of listening to you and your pet. Best Friends Animal Health Center is dedicated to assessing risk factors as part of developing a program of preventive care tailored to each pet patient’s lifestyle.