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Thor and the Gorilla

This big, handsome fellow has a great name to match. Meet Thor! Dr. Brady and Britney met Thor on a Sunday afternoon while on call. Thor’s family had gone out to run a couple of errands. They came home to find Thor with sticky stuff all over him! They quickly discovered what happened when they found a bottle of Gorilla Glue chewed up. Thor’s family was not sure if he had actually swallowed any, but called the number on the bottle to see if they should be concerned. The manufacturer recommended Thor be seen ASAP as ingestion of Gorilla Glue is very dangerous. When a pet swallows the glue it immediately starts expanding in their stomach. It then forms ball that looks much like spray foam insulation. It is then impossible for the glue to move up or down the GI tract.

When Thor arrived at the clinic, he received a physical exam and had x-rays taken. It was confirmed that Thor had consumed the Gorilla Glue. He was immediately taken to surgery for removal of the glue. Dr. Brady removed a 6” ball of foam sponge-looking material from Thor’s stomach. Thor spent the night in the hospital to monitor pain management and check for signs of infection. He went home the next day.

Thor was just in and had his staples removed from his abdominal incision. He is feeling great and healing well! He is lucky! Thor’s family knew the exact time frame in which Thor had eaten the glue. They called to see if it was going to be a problem right away. A “wait and see” approach would likely not have had such a good outcome. We are all so happy he is well!

Many household items are more hazardous than you may think! The ASPCA has a great website with information on how to poison-proof your home and what dangers lurk where you least expect!

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