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Puppy Preschool Graduates


These cute faces agreed to share the December Case of the Month spotlight because they have very exciting news to share with you! Miss Lucy is a Chocolate Labrador puppy and Miss Mia is a Boxer puppy. They are our first graduating class from Best Friends Animal Health Center’s Puppy Preschool! These girls learned a lot and matured so much during this six week class. We are all very proud of them!

Puppy Preschool class helped them and their families reach many goals that will make them great canine citizens as adults. These cute girls learned basic obedience and leash training skills. Their families were equipped with tips to hone those skills at home. There were great discussions on solving puppy “problems” like jumping up, chewing, and house training. Britney and Dr. Megan also helped inform their families on subjects like parasite prevention and preparing your puppy for a veterinary exam.

Lucy and Mia both love to come through our doors these days. Why? Because they had so much fun during their class! They now know how to politely greet other dogs. They think the veterinary hospital is a place you go to play. These views will likely stick with them for life because they learned them at such an important stage of their lives. Both Mia and Lucy’s families were very happy with the class and the well behaved social puppies that were the result of it.

Britney is planning on starting another class in early January. The classes will be Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm for a total of 6 weeks.

Please call with any questions or to sign up your 4-8 month old puppy!