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The only thing better than this girl's cute face is her sweet personality!  Everyone, meet Panda!  She is a typical, happy seven-month-old puppy!  She has had a great start in life thanks to a great home with people that love her and her friends at Best Friends Animal Health Center. 
Panda was in shortly after she came to her new home as an 8 week old little puppy.  Her family enrolled her in the Best Friends Puppy Package to ensure she had everything she would need as a youngster.  It also helped them save some cash on the vaccines and procedures they were already wanting for Panda.  She has now been in for her full set of puppy vaccines (this includes 4 sets of vaccinations until she was 4 months old), deworming and fecal testing, microchip placement and registration, and spay. 
Despite all of it, Panda still LOVES to come see us!  Her package also includes two exams and her heartworm test when she needs them in the upcoming months.  Panda has the world by the tail and a special place in all of our hearts!  It has been fun to watch her grow up!  We look forward to seeing her and all of our puppies turn into the great family dogs we know they can be!
Between her sloppy kisses, Panda recommends everyone with little puppies/kittens look into the packages at Best Friends Animal Health Center.  It really is a great way to get your baby's first year of complete care for a great price.
Panda puppy



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