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New Friend


This handsome face belongs to a new friend.  He is a great guy and a cat’s cat!  He was, apparently, homeless.  Like any self-respecting homeless cat he went in search of a place to call home. One day he pretty much walked into one of our client’s houses and made himself at home then and there!  They had a house full of multiple kids of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties and were not looking to add to it!  However, you kind of have to roll with it when a cat’s cat makes itself at home in your home.  They allowed him to join the family and gave him a name.  Onyx officially had a place in the world.

Onyx was integrating well with the family except for one of the cats.  His people thought neutering him would be the next step to helping him fully transition into the family.  However, they didn’t exactly plan on another animal and the expense of surgery for an unplanned animal.  They contacted the Central Wyoming Spay and Neuter Foundation for some help.  This local organization gives vouchers to families that they can then bring in with the pet on surgery day for a certain dollar amount off of a spay/neuter procedure.  Onyx’s family reported that within a few days of filling out paperwork that they had the voucher in hand.

Onyx’s neuter was scheduled and performed a couple of weeks ago.  He has been doing great since surgery and is getting along with all of his new family members.  We are all thankful that the Central Wyoming Spay and Neuter Foundation is available to help furry friends like Onyx out!  Congratulations on making yourself at home, Onyx!  You picked out a good one!

If you are in need of financial assistance to spay or neuter your pet, please contact the Central Wyoming Spay and Neuter Foundation.  They are always accepting tax deductible donations and volunteers, too.  If you are interested in helping support this great cause, please let them know!  They not only help get pets sterilized that might otherwise be contributing to Casper’s pet overpopulation problem, but allow those pets to go to their normal veterinarian and get the quality, individualized care that can’t be provided in a spay/neuter clinic setting.  They can be contacted at, , or (307)265-6110.  They are also on Facebook!