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Sweet Miss Jayde

Sweet Miss Jayde

This sweet girl is our friend Jayde K.  Jayde is a sweet, gentle soul that usually stays out of trouble and only comes to see us for routine exams and vaccinations.  Her person takes great care of her so that helps keep her on the routine visit schedule too!  Frequent tooth brushing is part of Jayde’s routine care.  Jayde has a beautiful pearly white smile (Thanks Mom)!

A couple of weeks ago, Jayde was scheduled to come in and see us as a strange flap of skin was noticed in Jayde’s mouth during her tooth brushing.  Jayde had been eating good and acting normal, however, this was a definite change as it hadn’t been noticed in prior tooth brushings.  Dr. Megan did a thorough oral exam and did see the skin flap that Jayde’s family was concerned about.  A closer exam of the skin flap had Dr. Megan concerned that it was an oral mass.  

Jayde is a very nice girl so Dr. Megan opted to try removing some of the mass with a local anesthetic.  Jayde was not sedated, but was a little rock star.  Dr. Megan was able to remove the majority of the mass.  The piece of it she removed was sent to an outside lab for a pathologist to determine what is was.  

Dr. Megan received the report from the pathologist a few days later.  She got to call Jayde’s family with good news!  The mass is a benign one that shouldn’t cause Jayde much trouble in the future.  If it grows back and gets big enough to bother Jayde, Dr. Megan will try to remove the whole thing, which will require anesthesia.  Her person will continue to monitor the area during Jayde’s tooth brushings.

We are so glad this girl gets such good care at home.  Catching this early was by far the best thing for all of us!  Routine tooth brushing is keeping Jayde’s smile pearly white and helped her person notice this subtle change in Jayde’s mouth right away.

Please schedule an appointment if you notice a strange lump on your pet.  It is much better, easier, and less expensive to address any mass when it is small!  Any of the Best Friends Animal Health Center Staff would be happy to assist you with tooth brushing training, too!  Many pets will accept a tooth brushing if slowly introduced to the process.  It will help decrease tartar and mouth odor! It will also allow you to know what is normal in your pet’s mouth.  Masses and fractured teeth are almost always noticed right away by owners that brush their pet’s teeth.  This can save your pet from pain and infection. It will decrease anesthetic procedures for dental cleanings over the lifetime of the pet.  It could even save a life if an aggressive mass is noticed early!  

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