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Izzy's Scare


This fun little gal is Izzy Z.  She is a happy little soul and gives the best little Boston Terrier kisses ever!  She is near and dear to many of us here at Best Friends Animal Health Center.  Izzy is usually too busy looking cute to find trouble, but she managed to find some starting about a year ago.  Izzy’s family brought her in as she had a couple of short seizures last April.  This was not normal for our girl!  Dr. Brady checked her out from head to tail and ran some blood work on her.  Izzy’s exam and her blood sample tested normal.  Her family was instructed to keep a log of any seizure activity and were informed of when seizures warrant medications or emergency room visits.  We stayed in communication with them over the next few months.  Izzy had a couple more small episodes, but nothing too worrisome.

That all changed last August.  Izzy had to be seen on emergency due to a sudden spike in seizure activity.  She had eight seizures in one day! The time had come to start her on medications.  Izzy ended up needing two medications to control her epilepsy.  It took a few months and some blood tests to find the right doses and balance of medications for Izzy.  She had another medication dosage change in December and so far has responded well to that.  Her family and the Best Friends Animal Health Center staff have stayed in close communication during all of this time.

We are so glad that Izzy’s seizures are finally under control!  Izzy takes her medicine every day and has been leading a normal life.  She would like to remind everyone that seizures are a serious problem and should not be ignored!  Prolonged seizure activity can lead to brain damage or even death.  “Seizure activity” can be times of staring off into space, jaw chattering, or the typical shaking/paddling of a grand mal seizure.  Call your veterinarian if you suspect your pet is having a seizure.  Time, details and/or video of the suspected seizure will help us when making a treatment plan for your pet.

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