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HollyHolly's Nine Lives

This lucky little soul is Holly C.  She might be nine years young, but she doesn’t act a day over four!  She is a free and adventurous spirit and loves to spend time outside IF it isn’t snowing!  She was out enjoying some of the fresh spring sunshine last March and found herself some trouble.  (To this day, she refuses to tell us WHAT exactly she got into!)  Her family found her hiding and bleeding.  Her eye had also come out of the socket.  They knew Holly was in bad shape and needed immediate medical attention!  She found herself being rushed into Dr. Brady’s capable hands that fateful Saturday afternoon.

Holly was unable to eat or breathe normally due to all of the swelling in her throat and airway.  Her entire head was so swollen!  X-rays revealed she had fractured her skull and jaw bones. Treatment for the pain and inflammation started immediately, however, she had to be placed on oxygen and a feeding tube until the swelling went down.  She had surgery to repair her fractured jaw, and replace her eye, too.  She spent a full week in the hospital under careful observation.  She was able to come off of oxygen and went home with her feeding tube still in place.  Holly had a few weeks of pretty intensive nursing care at home.  Her family learned how to feed her via the feeding tube, kept her indoors and away from the other pets, and monitored her slow and steady progress.  Once she was willing and able to eat on her own, the feeding tube was removed.

Holly did have to have her damaged eye removed a few weeks later.  Dr. Brady had warned her people that this could be a possibility.  It had just suffered too much damage during the initial injury to ever be functional for Holly again.  She found herself back for surgery again!  

Holly is now back to her old self despite having to see the world through one eye.  She still loves the sunshine and thinks she is queen of the world!  She even still likes to visit everyone at the clinic despite her extended stay earlier in the year.  We are all so happy this gal fought through her injuries and is back to her sweet, bossy self!



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