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This handsome face belongs to Mr. Brutus.  Brutus came to us in July as he had found a new family and they wanted to make sure he was current on vaccines.  They also wanted to discuss a previously diagnosed health problem with Dr. Brady.  Brutus' previous doctor had diagnosed him with entropion.  His new family wanted to know more about it and what could be done for it.  Entropion is a condition where the eyelids are shaped in a way that they roll in causing the hair and eye lashes to rub on the cornea (outer layer of the eye ball).  You can imagine that this is very irritating to the eye!  Brutus' entropion affected both eyes and was quite severe.  He had been dealing with this for 2 years!  His eyes were constantly swollen and producing discharge from eyelashes irritating his poor eye!  Despite it all, Brutus was smiling and bouncing around with a cute Rottie butt wiggle everywhere he went!

Brutus' family saved up the money and surgery was scheduled.   Dr. Brady removed large pieces of tissue from around the edges of Brutus' eyelids.  When the incisions were sutured closed, the eye lids turned out where they belonged.  Brutus had to spend a couple of weeks in the Cone of Shame to prevent him from rubbing out his stitches.  After he had his sutures removed, Brutus has not looked back! He has found it much better to look forward without hair poking his eyes!  We are so glad Brutus is comfortably back at his job of babysitting the kids and "being the best dog I have every owned" . (That is a direct quote from his Dad!)

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