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This cute little mug belongs to our dear friend Cylais N.  Cylais came to us on emergency the end of November after a very scary incident.  Cylais lives with his “Grandma” as his owner works out of town a lot.  She was hanging out relaxing one night when she heard a commotion in the back yard.  She flew out to see what was going on.  Cylais was in the neighbor’s yard and, even worse, was in the neighbor’s dog’s mouth!  She retrieved him as quickly as she could and called the Best Friends Animal Health Center emergency line.

Dr. Jana and Melanie were on call that night and were waiting at the clinic when Cylais arrived.  He came in bleeding everywhere and in shock.  Shock is common with significant blood loss or trauma.  It causes low blood pressure and low body temperature.  It can eventually cause organ damage and death if not treated.  Cylais’ front left leg was likely broken upon initial exam, however, Dr. Jana’s immediate concern was to treat Cylais’ shock.  He was given warm IV fluids, oxygen, pain medications, and antibiotics.  

X-rays showed fractures of his humerus (upper front leg bone) and scapula (shoulder blade) of his left front leg.  He also had multiple bite wounds to his left front leg, shoulder, and his neck.  Cylais spent a few days in the hospital to manage his pain and treat his wounds.  

Ten days after being attacked, Cylais had his front leg amputated.  As he healed, it was determined that there had been nerve damage to the leg.  The bones were so badly broken and the tissue around them so significantly damaged that it was decided removal of the leg was the best option for Cylais.  He went home the next day acting like nothing had happened!  Within just a few days, he was jumping on and off of the couch like he wasn’t even down a limb. Cylais has been in a couple of times since his scare.  

He loves to come see us and always puts a smile on our faces when he does!  He is such a lucky little guy!  



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