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Dental Health is important year round and can effect overall health.  We offer free oral exams and estimates year round, just give a call! 
Anesthesia is required for safe and effective dental examination and evaluation.  All patients have blood work done prior to anesthesia to look for any health concerns that would make anesthesia unsafe (specifically liver or kidney disease).  We perform dental x-rays on every pet, as 2/3 of the tooth is under the gum surface.  Each tooth is evaluated for pockets, movement, fractures and disease.  Unhealthy teeth are extracted by veterinarian who also closes the extraction sites with dissolving suture.  A thorough ultrasonic scaling is performed to remove tartar from UNDER and along the gum line- this is where disease starts.  The polish fills in any enamel defects, which slows accumulation of tartar. The duration of a clean, healthy mouth depends on home care and maintenance.   

Automated Reminders and Pet Portal 

We have started a new system for reminders, which can e-mail, text, call or send postcards, depending on what you like best!  Watch your e-mail for your welcome letter, which will contain your pet portal log in, or click the link below to set it up!  If you don't have an e-mail in your account with us, please call or e-mail ( to add one!  We will be sharing lots of great tools that this system can provide in the upcoming weeks.  As always, please call if you have a question.

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