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Homer's hard time

Homer\'s hard timeThis handsome dude is Homer.  He normally feels finer than a frog’s hair, but had a scare last winter that he wanted to share with you.  Homer had been fine and then suddenly stopped eating, was hiding a lot, and was not breathing normally.  His family was very concerned and brought him in to Best Friends Animal Health Center as soon as they could.  Dr. Megan noticed on the initial physical exam that Homer had a significantly increased effort to breathe and abnormal lung sounds.  What could he have gotten into?! She decided to take x-rays and check blood work on Homer.

Homer’s blood test came back looking great for an older, distinguished gentleman.  (Homer is twelve, after all.)   However, his x-rays revealed abnormalities in his lungs typical of feline asthma.  Dr. Megan had her diagnosis!  Homer was given injectable and oral steroids to help decrease the inflammation in his respiratory tract.  He started breathing easier and feeling better almost right away.  Homer was glad to be able to go home and we were glad he was feeling well enough to get to go home!

Homer was just in for a wellness exam and some vaccinations.  He has been doing great since his asthma attack.  Homer has some air purifiers in the house now and his family feels that they have helped Homer.  They continue to watch him for any changes in his breathing and will alert Dr. Megan if any concerns arise.

Asthma is a common problem in our feline friends. I can be short lived, or an ongoing problem.  The sooner we treat, the easier to get control.  See the link below for more information on feline asthma.



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