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FREE vaccines for LIFE!


What's the catch?!  

We believe so much in early detection and prevention of disease that we want to see your pet every 6 months.  Because pets age more rapidly, a visit yearly for your pet is like a visit to your doctor every 2-3 years!  If your pet comes to visit us every 6 months we will give, free of charge, any recommended vaccines.  Vaccines are an important part of disease prevention, but are only a small part.  



1-time enrollment fee of $45 (per pet) + 2 wellness exams per year = Free vaccines for the life of your pet!



  1. Familiarity with your pet helps us to find small changes and have less stressful visits
  2. Early detection of mild disease leads to a better outcome (in most cases). 
  3. Prevention of disease costs less than treatment of disease (why does your insurance pay for preventative care?)

Any pet over the age of 4 months is eligible to enroll!  See our Puppy and Kitten Package information for younger pets.  

Call, email or come in with questions or for more details on how to enroll your pets.