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Alice and SophieThis is Miss Alice B. Schroding, along with her canine friend, Sophie. She has a big name that is only matched by her big personality.  She came in a few weeks ago as her eye was swollen and had some discharge coming from it.  Her owner was concerned that she had injured it while out on one of her many hunting trips in the back yard.  Dr. Brady did a full exam on Miss Alice and saw something suspicious next to her eye lid.  He placed an anesthetic eye drop in Alice’s eye.  After her eye was numb, he was able to look more closely.  He reached in with an instrument and gently plucked a cheat grass seed that had embedded on the inside of Alice’s eye lid!  She almost instantly sighed with relief!  

Much to her dismay, Alice’s exam was not finished!  Dr. Brady then checked her eyeball for a scratch on the cornea.  This meant more drops for Miss Alice’s eye.  Luckily, her eye had somehow managed to not be damaged.  She went home with an eye drop to prevent infection and decrease the inflammation in her eye lids.  Alice was back to fine form in no time flat!  

We see cheat grass seeds in both dogs and cats throughout the end of summer, fall, and into winter.  We commonly see them in dogs’ feet and ears, however, they can imbed anywhere on the body.  We have pulled them from eyelids, tear ducts, and even a dog’s vulva!  They will burrow into the skin anywhere on the body if they get caught up in a thick coat.  They are a source of pain and infection no matter where they end up in your pet.  Most animals will lick/chew an area on the body that a grass seed has embedded in.  Sometimes you will see a pustule of infection.  If the grass seed is in an eye or ear, you may notice eye discharge and/or swelling or shaking and itching of the ears.  Sometimes these animals will cry when you pet their head.  If your pet is showing these symptoms, don't hesitate to give us a call.



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